Rosemead Eye Testimonials


"Let me tell you how ReSTOR Lenses have helped me with my everyday life.  I am eighty one years old.  I had my surgery over two years ago, performed by Dr. Elson Lai, in two stages.  First the left eye and a few months later the right eye.  He made it so easy.  Each time it took only minutes in surgery, and the recovery follow-up by Dr. Lai, was excellent.
I said goodbye to prescription glasses.  Not only do I save money by not buying new glasses every two years, but I see better than I have in over forty years.
I can read fine print, drive nights as well as daytime, sew, thread a needle, do needle work, cross word puzzles, and Sudoku puzzles all with no glasses and with the clearest vision ever.  It's amazing.
The quality of life is back to where it was years ago, thanks to Dr. Lai and ReStore Lenses.  I highly recommend both to anyone needing cataract surgery."
  • B.T. ReSTOR patient 2012